Rude, Ruder, RUDEST

24 11 2010

A few weeks ago, my co-workers and I headed over to the Rude Native in Waterloo for a get-together après-work.  Having been to the Rude Native before (and having tasted their sub-par offerings) I was sceptical but decided to go with an open mind.  Sometimes, giving a restaurant a second chance can be a good idea.  Unfortunately, this experience turned out to be much worse than the first.  I daresay that this was, quite possibly, THE WORST restaurant experience ever – even worse than the Jack Astor’s fiasco.

It was ruder than this - gasp!

Here is why I will be able to get away with my grammatically-incorrect title for this post:

  • The 13 of us arrived just before 5 pm on a Tuesday night; there were maybe 8 other patrons in the restaurant so I wouldn’t call it “busy” by an means – this was good
  • Our waiter arrived promptly and provided us with menus while he simultaneously took our drink orders – this was also good
  • It took about 20 minutes to get our drinks, and two wines on the menu were unavailable – this was fine due to the size of our party as well as the fact that it was a Tuesday
  • Once we ordered our appetizers it took about 1 hour for them to arrive – this was not so good
  • The appetizers were actually pretty good! – this was a nice surprise
  • But then some of us decided to order actual meals – uh oh!
  • Several food items on the menu were unavailable – WTH?
  • It took FOREVER for this food to arrive – eye rolling (and starvation) ensued
  • Someone ordered mussels and they were “bad”, the kind of bad you don’t want to eat for fear of food poisoning – seriously?!
  • I ordered Bruschetta with Balsamic Glaze but someone forgot the glaze – WTF?
  • Someone else ordered Bruschetta with Balsamic Glaze and had glaze on their order – ha ha ha!
  • A third person also ordered Bruschetta with Balsamic Glaze because the item they originally wanted was unavailable and the Bruschetta never arrived – Oh My G.O.D
  • By this point it was close to 8 pm and I had consumed a small portion of my very mediocre and glaze-absent Bruschetta – I loudly questioned why had it taken almost 3 hours to get to this point
  • I decided to head out at that point – it took 20 minutes of waiting “in line” to pay my bill since the waiter never arrived to put it on the table (there was only one couple in front of me; they were also waiting to pay since the bill never arrived on their table either)
  • When I FINALLY got to pay, the waiter couldn’t find a pen for me to sign my receipt – first you can’t find some balsamic glaze, then you can’t find a pen, puh…leeze!
  • As I walked out of there, I was laughing all the way to my car – that was the highlight of the night

 BUT, I have saved the very best for last…

  • According to those who stayed behind, our waiter at the Rude Native (who, it turned out, had only worked for two days) was so distraught with the utter lack of organization in the restaurant that he QUIT ON THE SPOT!

I do believe that this experience takes the cake (but don’t go asking for any Balsamic Glaze!).

Pictures courtesy of the internet.




One response

27 11 2010
Ran Dadcliffe

I bet that waiter was calming himself down the entire night. “It’s okay, no glaze, I’ll make sure I get everything right next time. Where’s a pen? I don’t have a pen…. I DON”T HAVE A PEN!!?!@#$?!

Poor guy. Get that waiter a grape soda. He needs it.

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