Fabulous Favourites Part 2

7 12 2010

Oh Canada - this is a perfectly acceptable dinner, in my opinion.

Fantasic falafel...drool.

Rataouille. Kat, this one's for you - - - "And this is where he let the rat go."

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack - anytime is the right time for croissants.

I'm in denial about the abdundance of chocolate in this post.

You know what's coming...

***** F R O M A G E *****

Someday, this will be my basement 🙂

Oh, and when someone asks me what I would eat as my final meal, here’s the answer:

Can't pick....must eat all...

Yup, it would be a double-plater breakfast WITH bacon…because we all know everything is better with bacon; even vegetarians agree!


(I realize I can always be counted on to ask the morbid questions) 😉


Once again, a huge thank you to the folks on the internet who have inundated the various search engines with wonderful pictures of food.




2 responses

7 12 2010
Kasia S.

My last meal would be warm goat cheese, honey glazed salad with a french baguette with brie….and a good, cold import beer. Sounds nasty, I know … but I had this meal in Brussels, twice. YUM! Oh and I need the cook to sing and dance to ABBA. YaY! If your going , go out with DISCO!

21 12 2010

I would also pick breakfast as my lasat meal. Although I do love steak and hamburgers. In anycase you could have your fantasy last meal Dec.28th at the Big Breakfast Bonanza 3!!! :O

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