First Things First

13 01 2011

We all know that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and that “breakfast is the food of champions” but sometimes, finding a good breakfast place can be a challenge.  And I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me personally, facing a challenge first thing in the morning without some coffee and carbs is just ridiculous.

On that note, a friend and I recently decided to catch up with each other over a morning meal (I’ll admit it was closer to noon but who’s paying attention to that on the weekend?).  Logistics aside, we ventured out in the snowy noon-hour to the Fireside Deli Restaurant only to find a line-up out the door which consisted primarily of large families with multiple children.  When I see line-ups at restaurants I become sceptical (if it appeals to the masses on that level, it is guaranteed to be generic) and then impatient, especially if it means standing out in the cold.  Since the aforementioned friend learned of the Fireside Grill by referral from HER friends, all I could think was “This better be worth it!” as we shivered and grudgingly endured the frosty air.

Once inside and, thankfully, out of the horrendous cold, we noticed that the place was packed but still well-organized.  Despite the general clatter, confusion and volume of so many people in a relatively small area, the staff were welcoming and friendly.  The Fireside Deli restaurant is roughly the size of a barn, but there were A LOT of people inside that barn and so the general atmosphere was more hectic than healing.  Our waitress was prompt and pleasant and did not make us feel rushed even though I am sure she and her co-workers was instructed to get patrons out the door as quickly as possible.  We ordered our food (a Vegetarian omelette pour moi and a Greek omelette for my friend).  Both large, 3-egged omelettes arrived with a myriad of additional food on the plate including 2 slices of toast (halved and “buttered”), baked beans, and a pile of home fries.  All of this was accompanied by the bottomless cup of coffee which was actually fresh and decent-to-good in the flavour department.

The omelettes tasted freshly made and the vegetables inside them were clearly identifiable (always a good thing).  The hash browns were basically a rendition of French Fries; instead of the slender strings of potatoes we love to love, these were simply small cubes of crispy goodness.  No salt.  I like this because it allows you to add as little (or as much) salt as you want.  The toast was…toasty…although they did offer the standard options of white, dark or rye.  The beans tasted slightly stale but I ate them anyway because I have no “off” switch when it comes to breakfast.  There was no fruit in sight, not even the random orange slices that accompany most breakfast plates.  Similarly, the jam was fruit flavoured spread and not actual fruit.  If you happen to hate Cora’s fruity, over-the-top, artsy arrangements and prefer no-nonsense food, this is the place for you.  I predicted the Fireside Deli’s generic nature and I was right, but at least it was the good kind of generic.

A few minor gripes: while we were enjoying our meals, a steady stream of people were coming in and leaving.  A word on the leaving – our table was situated by the exit so we were constantly and involuntarily refreshed by cold gusts of wind.  And speaking of cold: the washrooms felt like igloos!  For a place that serves bottomless coffee, one would think that heated restrooms are a given.


The Fireside Deli restaurant offers good service, good portions and a good price; overall, a good experience.  You’re good to go.


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One response

17 01 2011
Neil Moser

I want to go to the Village Creperie for breakfast soon!

And no-one likes a frosty toilet. Your hot cheeks would stick to that seat for sure!

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