The Final Frontier

12 10 2011

Hello readers,

As many of you may have already noticed, I haven’t been an active blogger. 

Blogging was a bit of an experiment on my end; I wanted to know if I could I write interesting and informative things on a regular basis that others would read?  Although I had most of my bases covered (interesting – I hope so, informative – I think so, readers – I know so!), writing a blog on a regular basis was obviously not my strong point.  With life and work getting in the way (in a good way), I have decided to retire my blog 😦

The good news is that I will leave the blog up for those who wish to have a point of reference to great (and not so great) food esablishments in Southwestern Ontario and surrounding areas.

In the words of Alton Brown, host of IRON CHEF AMERICA, “I bid you good eating!” 🙂