A Lesson in Reverse Psychology (and Karma)

29 06 2010

It’s funny how good food doesn’t always come with good service and how bad food with good service doesn’t always seem so…bad.

Confused yet?  No need to be! 

If you want fresh, healthy and yummy food (and you happen to be in the vicinity of the universities in Waterloo, Ontario) but you don’t give a hoot about service, head on over to Meet Point.  No, I did not make that up; it’s called “Meet Point”.

What I also did not make up was the worst case of customer service I have ever had to endure.  Meet Point is a great candidate for a chart to demonstrate exactly what I mean:

Upscale looking restaurant complete with fireplace and zero brown paper tablecloths No air conditioning so flies were coming in through the open doors
Quiet setting with minimal tables in this family run operation Several large screens TVs with the game of the moment playing loudly – Are you upscale or sports bar?  Decide already!
Sufficient number of staff for the size of the restaurant Completely unfriendly and unwelcoming staff (we even witnessed one staff member sitting off to the side in the dining room fiddling on his lap top)
We are able to eat in peace and carry on a conversation without being interrupted Staff partake in eating their own lunches in the dining room right in front of our eyes
There is a take out option as well as containers for taking leftovers home Staff roll eyes and look completely annoyed when you ask for that take home container
Modern facility with debit, credit or cash payment options Staff have no idea how to operate aforementioned payment option devices
Good food Very bad, bad, bad service

Observe this study of contrasts and weep fellow foodies!

Karma was clearly on our side that day because thanks to the staffs inability to be courteous combined with their ineptitude on their very own cash register; my dining companion paid $1 instead of $10 for her meal.

They say karma’s a b**** but I say karma is what bites you in the rear when you forget what good customer service is all about.  This is because offering good food (but no service to match it) will eventually chase your clients right out the door anyway.